Objects & Places from Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe

Bette Greene
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Object Descriptions

Pocahontas, Arkansas - The story takes place in and around this small town.

Lambert Turkey Farm - It is the Lambert family's chief source of income.

Hall Dairy Farm - Philip Hall lives with his family here.

The Elizabeth Lorraine Lambert & Friend Veg. Stand - To raise money for her college fund, Beth recruits Philip to help her set this up.

The Old Rugged Cross Church Picnic - This is held every year in Hardy, Arkansas, by the church.

Ozark Mountains - Philip is injured during his walk here and is rescued by Beth who helps him hobble back to the picnic area.

Busy Bee Bargain Store - Beth organizes a picket line in protest of the unfair treatment of her and her friends by this establishment.

Randolph County Fair - Beth and Philip each raise a calf for the livestock competition at this event.

Tiger Hunters'...

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