Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Bette Greene
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Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does Philip exploit Beth's feelings for him? How does the way he acts effect Beth?

Essay Topic 2

How does Beth change Philip's attitude towards her? How does Philip's change of attitude effect both their friendship and Beth's confidence?

Essay Topic 3

How does Beth prove herself herself to be incredibly brave in this story? How does her bravery effect her life?

Essay Topic 4

Why does Beth hold herself back in class? How does she come to the realization that she is holding herself back?

Essay Topic 5

What do Beth's problems with puppies teach her about life? Why does Beth need to be taught this lesson at this point in this story?

Essay Topic 6

How does the arrival of Beth's brother Benjamin change her life? How does her character change from this point?

Essay Topic 7

How will the focus on Beth's education effect her siblings? What do...

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