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Philip Barry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dexter do after striking Mike?
(a) He strikes him again.
(b) He laughs.
(c) He apologizes.
(d) He insults him.

2. What does George ask Dexter when he first sees him on the wedding day?
(a) When he arrived.
(b) Where Tracy is.
(c) Why he isn't formally dressed.
(d) What he is doing there.

3. What does Dexter tell Tracy will make her feel better in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) Sleep.
(b) A certain drink.
(c) The wedding.
(d) Memories.

4. What is Sandy carrying in the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2, Part 2?
(a) Plates.
(b) Gifts.
(c) Books.
(d) Photographs.

5. What does George tell Dexter he tried to do earlier?
(a) Cancel the wedding.
(b) Have him arrested.
(c) Call Tracy.
(d) Postpone the wedding.

6. What do George and Dexter argue over before Mike returns in the second part of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) What happened between Mike and Tracy.
(b) If the wedding will start on time.
(c) What happened at the dinner the night before.
(d) If the wedding will be cancelled.

7. What does Tracy's discovery of Mike's watch remind her of at the end of Act 3, Part 1?
(a) What might have happened between them the night before.
(b) Why she doesn't normally wear watches.
(c) What might not have happened between them the night before.
(d) How late she is for the wedding.

8. What does Uncle Willie tell Dinah his opinion of George is?
(a) He thinks he is too good for Tracy.
(b) He doesn't like him.
(c) He likes him.
(d) He thinks he is a liar.

9. According to her conversation with Sandy, what would Liz do if another woman came into Mike's life?
(a) Talk her out of her intentions.
(b) Ignore her.
(c) Fight for him.
(d) Talk him out of his intentions.

10. What does Dexter call Tracy in his attempt to explain her to George in Act 2, Scene 2, Part 2?
(a) Only human.
(b) More than human.
(c) Less than human.
(d) A perfect human.

11. What does Dexter suggest about what Dinah saw?
(a) It was a bad dream.
(b) It really happened
(c) It is incomplete.
(d) It was a mistake.

12. What happened to Tracy when she got into the water, as Mike explains to Dexter and George?
(a) She hit her head.
(b) The water was too cold for her.
(c) She became hysterical.
(d) The alcohol affected her.

13. What does Dexter say is likely to happen when Tracy awakes?
(a) She will not want to marry George.
(b) She won't remember anything.
(c) She will be very angry.
(d) She will want to get married right away.

14. What does Dinah comment on as she looks at the drawing room on the day of the wedding?
(a) The decorations.
(b) The amount of people there.
(c) The presents.
(d) The amount of food.

15. What is Mike doing as George and Dexter see him on the morning of the wedding?
(a) Carrying Tracy.
(b) Laughing with Tracy.
(c) Running with Tracy.
(d) Holding Tracy up as she stumbles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tracy suggest would wake her and Mike up?

2. Who interrupts Tracy as she is beginning to open Dexter's gift in Act 2, Scene 1, Part 2?

3. What does Tracy tell the maid to do with Dexter's present?

4. What does George want to build for Tracy?

5. What is Tracy drinking at the end of Act 2, Scene 1, Part 2?

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