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Philip Barry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Dexter, what caused his drinking problem to get worse?
(a) Tracy's cruelty.
(b) Tracy leaving him.
(c) Tracy's unrealistic expectations.
(d) Tracy refusing to leave.

2. Which one of Mike's stories does Tracy remark on?
(a) The Rich and Mighty.
(b) The Rich and Famous.
(c) The Rich and Powerful.
(d) The Rich and Clueless.

3. What is Dexter carrying as he enters Act 2, Scene 1, Part 1?
(a) A hat.
(b) A picture frame.
(c) A coat.
(d) A book.

4. What was the only trouble Dexter gave her, according to Tracy?
(a) Divorcing her.
(b) Marrying her.
(c) Talking to her too much.
(d) Ignoring her too much.

5. How does Tracy ask about Sandy's guests in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) Quietly.
(b) Nonchalantly.
(c) Hastily.
(d) Angrily.

6. What does Liz say that she would do in a second?
(a) Choose Dexter over George.
(b) Trade places with Tracy.
(c) Spend all of Tracy's money.
(d) Choose George over Mike.

7. How does Mike imagine Tracy?
(a) Young, rich, and voracious.
(b) Young, rich, and ignorant.
(c) Young, rich, and intelligent.
(d) Young, rich, and irresponsible.

8. What is Sandy going to get at the library?
(a) The Lord's family tree.
(b) A book on mining.
(c) A book on weddings.
(d) George's family tree.

9. What do Mike and Liz comment on as they enter the Lord house in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) How small the house is.
(b) The noise in the house.
(c) The amount of rooms.
(d) How quiet the house is.

10. Who were banned from the house by her father, according to Tracy?
(a) All wedding consultants.
(b) All ex-husbands.
(c) All salespeople.
(d) All reporters.

11. What is Margaret carrying as she makes her entrance?
(a) Books.
(b) Clothes.
(c) Gifts.
(d) A tray.

12. Who arrives as Tracy is leaving at the end of Act 1, Part 2?
(a) Uncle Willie.
(b) Uncle Harry.
(c) Uncle Billy.
(d) Uncle Larry.

13. What comment does Liz make about Mike's birth name?
(a) It is easy to forget.
(b) It is easy to remember.
(c) It is not very common.
(d) It is too common.

14. What is Mike complaining about in the beginning of Act 1, Part 4?
(a) That Kidd doesn't appreciate him as much as Liz.
(b) That Kidd likes Liz more than him.
(c) That Kidd underutilizes them.
(d) That Kidd works them too hard.

15. How does Liz describe George to Mike?
(a) He is a man of the misfortunate.
(b) He is in over his head.
(c) He is a man of the people.
(d) He is not good enough for Tracy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Uncle Willie suggest he might invite to the wedding?

2. What does Tracy want Liz to do at her wedding?

3. How does Mike react to Liz's answer about whether or not she has been married?

4. What does Sandy comment on as he greets Mike?

5. Where does George work?

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