The Philadelphia Story Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philip Barry
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Act 1 Part 1

• The Lord family is introduced as elite, upper class people who are very concerned about their reputation.

• Tracy Lord talks about her upcoming wedding, and her high standards are established.

• Dinah, Tracy's younger sister, mentions how Tracy's ex-husband, Dexter, is back in town.

Act 1 Part 2

• George, Tracy's husband-to-be, is described as a miner who worked his way up to running the mine.

• Sandy arranges to prevent the story of Seth's affair from being published in return for an exclusive story on Tracy's wedding.

• Mike, the reporter, and Liz, the photographer, arrive at the Lord home.

Act 1 Part 3

• Mike is clearly bothered by the lifestyle of the Lords and other wealthy families.

• Liz points out the relevance, or irrelevance of names.

• Mike has preconceived notions about what Tracy, Dexter, and George will be like.

Act 1 Part 4

• Tracy and Dinah act in an over-the-top fashion to impress Mike...

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