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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is left inside the Inn?

2. Where is his bio hazard suit?

3. Why is Hammond angry at first?

4. Where is the publicist going to meet Flyte to guide him through the press conference?

5. What form does it take when it arrives next?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the situation at the Bischoff house, and how do Bryce and Jenny react?

2. Why is Gordy so disturbed when he and Frank go into Our Lady of the Mountains Church?

3. What is Dr. Flyte's concern when Sandler informs him that he wants him to go to California immediately?

4. What does scientist Sara Yamaguchi report to Bryce and Jenny after their investigation?

5. What do Copperfield's men discover in the sewer system as they are running power cables?

6. What kind of people make up the team that Copperfield brings with him?

7. What does the group learn from examination of a sample of the Ancient Enemy?

8. What does science reveal about the victims and about the creature's use of them?

9. What is so unusual about the conditions at the Sheffield home that Frank and Gordy ask Bryce to come and look?

10. What does Copperfield's approach to the whole situation cost him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Bryce Hammond? What is his significance to this story? How can his overall character be described? Who is his right hand man and what characteristics do they share? When Bryce is able to make a telephone call, what does he immediately request in the way of supplies, and what kind of manpower does he want to add? What team is called to assist them and who is in charge of this team? What is it's overall purpose and responsibility?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Dr. Timothy Flyte? What is his significance to this story? What information does he have to contribute? How does he help to identify the entity responsible for the situation in Snowfield? What history does he provide about this entity and how far back in time does the existence of this entity go? What other mass disappearances are likely attributed to it:? What surprises does Flyte get when he learns about the entity first hand from those in Snowfield?

Essay Topic 3

When Jennifer is finally able to place a telephone call, where is it from? Who does she call? How is her call received, and why is her state of mind brought into question? Why is her career and reputation important to how her information is processed? What is the response to her call, and how quickly is it launched? What does Jennifer insist she and Lisa do and what would Lisa's preference be instead? What is the reason for the stand Jennifer takes on this issue?

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