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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Copperfield's men go into the sewer line?

2. Where is Dr. Flyte's first stop over?

3. What do Flyte and Sara request of the creature?

4. What eventually happens to the sample?

5. Where do the survivors go?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of people make up the team that Copperfield brings with him?

2. Why are Bryce and Jenny discouraged when Copperfield arrives?

3. How does the creature reveal its range of knowledge and intelligence?

4. What is the most likely reason that Gordy was the next one who was taken, and why was it done in such a public and painful manner?

5. What is Dr. Flyte's concern when Sandler informs him that he wants him to go to California immediately?

6. Why is Gordy so disturbed when he and Frank go into Our Lady of the Mountains Church?

7. What does Fletcher Kale finally realize as he is being taken down to court?

8. What does Copperfield's approach to the whole situation cost him?

9. Who does the creature promise to spare, and why?

10. How does word of the situation in Snowfield leak despite Hammond's best efforts to stop it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How long does it take before reinforcements arrive? What is immediately disappointing to both Bryce and Jennifer about these reinforcements? How is the reality of their arrival inconsistent with the anticipation of their arrival and purpose? What does this rescue group consist of, and what is their mandated purpose? What are the immediate precautions taken to ensure their safety? Who is the first of the group to realize the unimportance of this precaution?

Essay Topic 2

When Jennifer is finally able to place a telephone call, where is it from? Who does she call? How is her call received, and why is her state of mind brought into question? Why is her career and reputation important to how her information is processed? What is the response to her call, and how quickly is it launched? What does Jennifer insist she and Lisa do and what would Lisa's preference be instead? What is the reason for the stand Jennifer takes on this issue?

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between Jennifer and Lisa? Why have they been estranged for so many years and what circumstances have now put them together? How is the age difference significant to their relationship thus far? What misconception has Jennifer been under for many years that Lisa is finally able to clear up, and how does this affect Jennifer overall? What might have been different had Jennifer known the truth earlier?

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