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Short Answer Questions

1. What worries Gordy Brogan?

2. What do Paul and Hilda share?

3. Who watches the interrogation taking place?

4. Who is Jennifer's housekeeper?

5. What memory does this provoke in Lisa?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lisa's analysis of the creature that attacks Stu Wargle?

2. Who goes to see Dr. Timothy Flyte and why?

3. What is perplexing about the situation in the bedroom of the gallery apartment?

4. What misconception has Jenny had for a very long time that Lisa calls into question?

5. What is so disturbing and fearful for young deputy Gordy Brogan?

6. What is the first thing that Bryce Hammond rules out?

7. What does the suspect, Fletcher Kale presume during his interrogation, and why?

8. What causes Frank to lash out at this point?

9. Where do they discover the housekeeper, Hilda, and what is odd about her?

10. Where do Jennifer and Lisa go next and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is consistent about most of the bodies that are found in Snowfield? How do they defy any normal logic that as a doctor, Jennifer might apply? What is immediately noticeable about most of these bodies? Which ones are different in condition in the town and where are they found? How are those three people killed? Why is it likely that the Liebermann's bodies are never found? How is that consistent with the rest of the missing townspeople?

Essay Topic 2

What is unusual about the town of Snowfield when Jennifer and Lisa arrive? How do both girls perceive the town differently at first? What are the first things that Jennifer notices as she is driving home versus the first impressions that Lisa has of her new home? Where does Jennifer discover her housekeeper, Hilda? How is this traumatic for Lisa and why is it significant to her? What memory overlaps her observations at first?

Essay Topic 3

What heralds the arrival of Timothy Flyte? What does he ask the Ancient Enemy for, and why is his request so readily granted? In what manner is his request granted? Where does this manifestation occur? What is one of the first things that is immediately obvious about this sample that the Ancient Enemy provides of itself? What questions does this raise? What does Sara compare the bulk of the Ancient Enemy's substance to?

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