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Short Answer Questions

1. What noise draws everyone's attention?

2. Why do Jenny and Lisa go next door?

3. What is found in the ovens?

4. What is odd about the housekeeper's appearance?

5. What worries Gordy Brogan?

Short Essay Questions

1. Under what conditions is Jennifer bringing her sister Lisa home to Snowfield?

2. What indicators prompt Jake to wait outside Gilmartin's Market for the Sheriff before entering?

3. What misconception has Jenny had for a very long time that Lisa calls into question?

4. What is odd about the condition of Paul Henderson and his surroundings?

5. What does the suspect, Fletcher Kale presume during his interrogation, and why?

6. What facts does Bryce slowly reveal that prove Fletcher is lying?

7. In what way do Jennifer and Lisa see the town differently as they arrive?

8. What conditions do Lisa and Jennifer discover in the house next door that are odd and out of place?

9. What personal details does Jenny share with Bryce?

10. Why does Deputy Paul Henderson suffer from boredom and how does that change?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is consistent about most of the bodies that are found in Snowfield? How do they defy any normal logic that as a doctor, Jennifer might apply? What is immediately noticeable about most of these bodies? Which ones are different in condition in the town and where are they found? How are those three people killed? Why is it likely that the Liebermann's bodies are never found? How is that consistent with the rest of the missing townspeople?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Bryce Hammond? What is his significance to this story? How can his overall character be described? Who is his right hand man and what characteristics do they share? When Bryce is able to make a telephone call, what does he immediately request in the way of supplies, and what kind of manpower does he want to add? What team is called to assist them and who is in charge of this team? What is it's overall purpose and responsibility?

Essay Topic 3

What are the crimes Fletcher Kale has committed? Why did he commit them? What does he realize on his way to the courthouse, and how does that affect his behavior? What drastic action does he take at this stage to regain his freedom? What information does he learn that leads him to the perfect hideout? What earlier ties does he have to this property? After arriving, what does he discover that leads him to believe his life has a purpose and ironically would have made his other crimes unnecessary had he discovered this first?

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