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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Jenny and Lisa go next door?

2. How many bullets are fired by the woman upstairs?

3. Where does this meeting take place?

4. Why doesn't she call for help?

5. Who is taken from the market without a trace?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is different about the condition of the bodies in the bakery as opposed to everywhere else in town?

2. What happens before the sisters leave the Oxley residence that scares and relieves Jenny at the same time?

3. How is Lisa's analysis of the creatures' intelligence reinforced and when?

4. What personal details does Jenny share with Bryce?

5. Why does Deputy Paul Henderson suffer from boredom and how does that change?

6. Where do Jennifer and Lisa go next and why?

7. What is odd about the condition of Paul Henderson and his surroundings?

8. What does the suspect, Fletcher Kale presume during his interrogation, and why?

9. Who goes to see Dr. Timothy Flyte and why?

10. What facts does Bryce slowly reveal that prove Fletcher is lying?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Flyte tell the Ancient Enemy when it insists that human beings are merely cattle to it? How does Flyte explain the level of intelligence the creature has managed to evolve with? Why does that anger the Ancient Enemy? What attributes other than intelligence has the Ancient Enemy inadvertently absorbed along with the many people it has consumed to survive? Why is this significant now? What effect does it have on the creature?

Essay Topic 2

What does Sara ask her base to send her? How does she explain the need for further items, and what is the Ancient Enemy's response to her request and her stall for more time? What is the purpose of the chemical that Sara has requested? What is it called and what was its original purpose? Why did it take so long to get the patent for this discovery and why is it unique? What door did this open for future scientific developments?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Bryce Hammond? What is his significance to this story? How can his overall character be described? Who is his right hand man and what characteristics do they share? When Bryce is able to make a telephone call, what does he immediately request in the way of supplies, and what kind of manpower does he want to add? What team is called to assist them and who is in charge of this team? What is it's overall purpose and responsibility?

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