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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do they find the housekeeper?

2. What happened to Bryce's wife?

3. Who does Sandler go to see?

4. What other building has a similar oddity?

5. What horrible feeling does Jenny get as the police arrive in Snowfield?

Short Essay Questions

1. Under what conditions is Jennifer bringing her sister Lisa home to Snowfield?

2. Where do Bryce and Jenny end up a year later, and what do they both realize?

3. What circumstances disturb Jenny about their findings at Tom and Karen Oxley's home?

4. What is the situation at the Bischoff house, and how do Bryce and Jenny react?

5. What facts does Bryce slowly reveal that prove Fletcher is lying?

6. How does the creature manage to get to Gordy on a personal level?

7. What abilities are revealed by the creature to the fox hunting in the surrounding woods?

8. What is odd about the condition of Paul Henderson and his surroundings?

9. What misconception has Jenny had for a very long time that Lisa calls into question?

10. What happens before the sisters leave the Oxley residence that scares and relieves Jenny at the same time?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What does Flyte tell the Ancient Enemy when it insists that human beings are merely cattle to it? How does Flyte explain the level of intelligence the creature has managed to evolve with? Why does that anger the Ancient Enemy? What attributes other than intelligence has the Ancient Enemy inadvertently absorbed along with the many people it has consumed to survive? Why is this significant now? What effect does it have on the creature?

Essay Topic 2

Who in the group realizes that his occupation has squandered the gifts he was given? To what gifts is he referring? What promise does he make to himself and to God if he survives the ordeal in Snowfield? What happens that makes him believe he is being given a second chance? In reality, what is the source of this vision? What happens when he approaches, despite warnings not to from everyone else? Why is it likely that his death is so graphic and disturbing?

Essay Topic 3

What does the Ancient Enemy request of Kale and Terr when it realizes that it is dying? How has it represented itself to them, and what lofty position do they believe they hold with it? How do they think this effects them overall? What tasks are they given before it leaves? Where do they attempt to carry out these special tasks, and what is the outcome? What promise did the creature make that is quickly revealed as hogwash? What kills Terr, and what is the final killer for Kale?

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