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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do they find next?

2. Where do they go next?

3. Where is the town of Snowfield?

4. What does Bryce resign himself to?

5. What is odd about Hilda's bruising?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Talber Whitman worry about his friend Bryce during this interrogation?

2. What is odd about the condition of Paul Henderson and his surroundings?

3. What is so disturbing and fearful for young deputy Gordy Brogan?

4. What kind of people make up the team that Copperfield brings with him?

5. What happens after the helicopter drops the Biosan-4 and they spray the first representation that the A.E. sends them?

6. When Flyte suggests that the Ancient Enemy could be the creature that the bible refers to as Satan, Frank disagrees, insisting that he doesn't believe in spooks. What are the consequences of this comment?

7. What is the creature unable to use and how is that brought to the survivor's attention?

8. What does Fletcher Kale finally realize as he is being taken down to court?

9. How does the creature manage to get to Gordy on a personal level?

10. What does Terr believe is a sign from Lucifer and what are he and Kale told?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is the first of this group to be taken, and what seems to be the reason? In a search of the buildings leading to the Inn, what significant discoveries are made? How are they significant? What do these discoveries all have in common? What unexplainable phenomena is discovered during the search? Who is the second person taken and where is he taken from? What observation does Lisa make about this and how does this event change the way the group behaves?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Sara Yamaguchi and what are her credentials? What report does she deliver to Bryce and Jennifer after conducting a cursory autopsy of one of the bodies? What answers does this provide them? What does she determine the cause of death of most of the victims is? What other anomaly does she discover and what analogy does she draw to help them understand what she is telling them? What worries her as she is giving her report and what discoveries are made as a result?

Essay Topic 3

What is unusual about the town of Snowfield when Jennifer and Lisa arrive? How do both girls perceive the town differently at first? What are the first things that Jennifer notices as she is driving home versus the first impressions that Lisa has of her new home? Where does Jennifer discover her housekeeper, Hilda? How is this traumatic for Lisa and why is it significant to her? What memory overlaps her observations at first?

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