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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the creature kill next?
(a) Lisa Paige.
(b) Frank Autry.
(c) Jennifer Paige.
(d) Bryce Hammond.

2. Who does Fletcher hear about on the radio?
(a) Jenny Paige.
(b) Bryce Hammond.
(c) Jake Johnson.
(d) Frank Autry.

3. What do Bryce and Jenny find?
(a) A sink full of dentures.
(b) A sink full of jewelry.
(c) A sink full of hearing aids.
(d) A sink full of prosthetics.

4. Which scientist gives Bryce and Jenny their report?
(a) Sara Fletcher.
(b) Sara Flyte.
(c) Sara Guchiyama.
(d) Sara Yamaguchi.

5. Where does it direct them to go?
(a) To the bakery.
(b) To the gallery.
(c) To the police station.
(d) To the lab.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does it guarantee safe passage to?

2. What does Copperfield suggest at Gilmartin's market?

3. How does Lisa speculate they got there?

4. What is the chemical used for?

5. Why did Kale kill his wife and son?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Flyte suggests that the Ancient Enemy could be the creature that the bible refers to as Satan, Frank disagrees, insisting that he doesn't believe in spooks. What are the consequences of this comment?

2. What is the situation at the Bischoff house, and how do Bryce and Jenny react?

3. What brainstorm does Sara have that she is afraid to voice out loud, but that the others sense hope in?

4. What does scientist Sara Yamaguchi report to Bryce and Jenny after their investigation?

5. How does the creature reveal its range of knowledge and intelligence?

6. What kind of people make up the team that Copperfield brings with him?

7. What is the most likely reason that Gordy was the next one who was taken, and why was it done in such a public and painful manner?

8. Why are Bryce and Jenny discouraged when Copperfield arrives?

9. What is so unusual about the conditions at the Sheffield home that Frank and Gordy ask Bryce to come and look?

10. What happens to Fletcher Kale in the woods near Jake Johnson's cabin?

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