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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Jenny and Lisa go next door?
(a) To keep Lisa calm.
(b) To get a witness.
(c) To use the phone.
(d) To get their help.

2. What happens before the girls leave?
(a) The phone rings.
(b) The radio comes to life.
(c) Someone knocks on the door.
(d) The television comes on.

3. What is Bryce's first question?
(a) Why did Fletcher do laundry?
(b) Why did Fletcher run?
(c) Why did Fletcher buy drugs?
(d) Why did Fletcher lie?

4. How many people are now together in Snowfield?
(a) Five
(b) Six
(c) Ten
(d) Eight

5. Who does Bryce ask Charlie to call?
(a) Captain Colefield.
(b) Captain Copperfield.
(c) General Copperfield.
(d) General Caulderfield.

6. What role is the suspect assuming?
(a) The grieving brother in law.
(b) The grieving son.
(c) The grieving brother.
(d) The grieving father and husband.

7. Who do they find next?
(a) Henry Paulson.
(b) Peter Henry.
(c) Henry Peters.
(d) Paul Henderson.

8. Who's body is the first to be examined by Bryce Hammond?
(a) Hilda Beck
(b) Karen Oxley
(c) Tom Oxley
(d) Paul Henderson

9. Who does Jenny confide in?
(a) Bryce.
(b) Frank.
(c) Flyte.
(d) Sandler.

10. What do they discover when they go back downstairs?
(a) A foot.
(b) A leg.
(c) A head.
(d) A hand.

11. What is immediately out of place?
(a) The car is running.
(b) The front door is ajar.
(c) The windows are broken.
(d) The music is blaring.

12. Why does Jennifer insist they stay?
(a) She has to maintain her practice.
(b) They haven't eaten.
(c) Possible contagion quarantines them.
(d) She has a job to do.

13. What insight does Lisa voice?
(a) That Gordy is fearful.
(b) That Gordy is tired.
(c) That Gordy is ready to quit.
(d) That Gordy doesn't seem like a police officer.

14. Why doesn't she call for help?
(a) The phone is gone.
(b) She is consoling Lisa.
(c) The phone is dead.
(d) She is in shock.

15. What is found in the ovens?
(a) Two pies and a tray of cookies.
(b) The legs of the couple.
(c) Four loaves of bread.
(d) The severed heads of the couple.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the husband holding?

2. What noise draws everyone's attention?

3. What is done to its victim?

4. Who is Jennifer's housekeeper?

5. Where is the county Sheriff located?

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