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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the county Sheriff?
(a) Fletcher Kale.
(b) Stu Wargle.
(c) Talbert Whitman.
(d) Bryce Hammond.

2. Who do they find next?
(a) Henry Paulson.
(b) Peter Henry.
(c) Henry Peters.
(d) Paul Henderson.

3. Why doesn't she call for help?
(a) The phone is gone.
(b) She is in shock.
(c) The phone is dead.
(d) She is consoling Lisa.

4. What memory does this provoke in Lisa?
(a) Her sister's death.
(b) Her mother's death.
(c) Her brother's death.
(d) Her father's death.

5. What horrible feeling does Jenny get as the police arrive in Snowfield?
(a) They will not all survive.
(b) They will accuse Lisa.
(c) They will not believe her.
(d) They will accuse her.

6. Who is Jennifer's housekeeper?
(a) Helen Beck.
(b) Hilda Beck.
(c) Becky Hildabrand.
(d) Becky Holland.

7. How many people are now together in Snowfield?
(a) Six
(b) Eight
(c) Ten
(d) Five

8. What is Flyte's novel about?
(a) The history of flight.
(b) The possibility of time travel.
(c) The mass disappearances of animals and people.
(d) None of the above.

9. Why does Jenny go into her office?
(a) To call for help.
(b) To open a file.
(c) To look at a medical text.
(d) To get away from the body.

10. How do most people in the group refer to whatever the unknown culprit is?
(a) Him.
(b) Them.
(c) It.
(d) They.

11. What is odd about the housekeeper's appearance?
(a) She's been strangled and shot.
(b) She looks like she's covered in bruises.
(c) She's been drowned.
(d) She's been hanged.

12. What is conspicuously absent in the room?
(a) There is no flour.
(b) There is little blood.
(c) There is no power.
(d) There are no customers.

13. Why does she choose this residence?
(a) She knows them well.
(b) They are her patients.
(c) They are family.
(d) They have a shortwave radio.

14. What is the next home Jenny takes Lisa to?
(a) Tom and Karen Oakley's.
(b) George and Ethel Beiderman's.
(c) John and Betty Ormond's.
(d) Peter and Candy Boskin's.

15. What does Bryce mention that finally rattles Fletcher?
(a) They know about his other wife.
(b) They found his mistress.
(c) High Country Investments.
(d) They found his accomplice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is his gun?

2. Who is Burt Sandler?

3. What does Jennifer speculate may be the cause of death at first?

4. Where is the county Sheriff located?

5. Where is the couple found?

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