Phantoms Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Deputy Paul Henderson suffer from boredom and how does that change?

Deputy Paul Henderson is the only one on duty in the small town of Snowfield, California. The ski town is in its first month of off season, and the locals give him little trouble. He hears what sounds like a distant scream of a woman followed by the sound of a man's scream in terror. He gets up to investigate and realizes he is no longer alone and also no longer bored.

2. Under what conditions is Jennifer bringing her sister Lisa home to Snowfield?

Dr. Jennifer Paige is bringing her fourteen-year-old sister Lisa home to Snowfield in the capacity as her legal guardian. Their mother had been discovered by Lisa on the kitchen floor after a cerebral hemorrhage killed her, and now Jennifer is all that is left of Lisa's family. As such, Lisa is coming home with Jennifer to Snowfield for the first time.

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