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Object Descriptions

Snowfield, California - A small ski town where the events in the novel take place.

Santa Mira, California - Location of the department called in to aid the small town with its disappearances and deaths.

Liebermann's Bakery - This is the bakery where heads are found in the kitchen ovens.

Demon Chrome - The name of the motorcycle gang.

Gilmartin's Market - The market in town where the owner is taken by the entity.

The Hilltop Inn - The base of operations for the group of people stuck in Snowfield, California

Biosan-4 - The chemical developed to consume oil spills.

Santa Mira Hospital - The hospital where the survivors of the small ski town are treated.

Hawaii - The islands where two of the characters enjoy their honeymoon a year later.

Wintergreen and Wyle - The name of the publishing firm interested in the book concerning the...

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