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Lesson 1 (from Part One: Victims. Chapters 1-5: The Town Jail, Coming Home, The Dead Woman, The House Next Door, Three Bullets)


When Jennifer and Lisa arrive in Snowfield, Lisa is enthralled with the beauty of the small town, but Jenny sees what Lisa could not know. The town is unnaturally quiet. Her instincts warn her that something is very wrong.

The objective of this lesson is to examine how intuition and instinct are given to us as a survival tool and how as we "evolve" we seem to lose touch with that basic instinct.


1) Initiate a class discussion surrounding basic instincts. On what level of consciousness are they perceived? Why do we have this base instinct and why should we pay more attention to it? As early man, we would have been acutely aware of this sense. Why have we not retained the sense of its value or importance as we evolve?

2) Break the class up into groups of four or five. Consider the classroom discussion...

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