Phantoms Character Descriptions

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Dr. Jennifer Paige - This character is the doctor who owns a practice in the town of Snowfield, California.

Sheriff Bryce Hammond - This person is the Sheriff in Santa Mira.

The Ancient Enemy - This the entity that takes over the town of Snowfield.

Lisa Paige - This fourteen had recently lost a parent and moved to the small town of Snowfield.

Timothy Flyte - This professor wrote The Ancient Enemy.

Talbert Whitman - This is a member of the Santa Mira sheriff's office who was raised in Harlem.

Fletcher Kale - This resident of Santa Mira is arrested for the murder of his wife and son.

Paul Henderson - This character is a deputy in Snowfield, California.

Jakob Liebermann - This is the owner of the bakery in Snowfield who's hands were found separate from the rest of the character.

Aida Liebermann - This person...

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