Phantoms Character Descriptions

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Dr. Jennifer Paige

This character is the doctor who owns a practice in the town of Snowfield, California.

Sheriff Bryce Hammond

This person is the Sheriff in Santa Mira.

The Ancient Enemy

This the entity that takes over the town of Snowfield.

Lisa Paige

This fourteen had recently lost a parent and moved to the small town of Snowfield.

Timothy Flyte

This professor wrote The Ancient Enemy.

Talbert Whitman

This is a member of the Santa Mira sheriff's office who was raised in Harlem.

Fletcher Kale

This resident of Santa Mira is arrested for the murder of his wife and son.

Paul Henderson

This character is a deputy in Snowfield, California.

Jakob Liebermann

This is the owner of the bakery in Snowfield who's hands were found separate from the rest of the character.

Aida Liebermann

This person is the co-owner of the bakery in Snowfield.

Tom Oxley


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