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Part One: Victims. Chapters 1-5: The Town Jail, Coming Home, The Dead Woman, The House Next Door, Three Bullets

• Paul Henderson, a deputy at the Snowfield California police station, is at his desk reading Time.

• He hears a sound that is brief and distant, resembling a woman's scream.

• A second scream is more than alarm and in fact sounds like terror.

• He gets up and heads for the door with his hand on his gun holster when he hears a sound from behind.

• This is not possible, as he is alone and the rear door had been locked all day.

• He turns to discover he no longer alone and not bored anymore either.
• Dr. Jennifer Page is bringing her fourteen-year-old sister back to Snowfield with her.

• Lisa loves Snowfield immediately, marveling at the little ski town where Jennifer has her home.

• Jennifer notices that it is actually too...

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