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Norton Juster
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is the envelope that comes with the package containing the tollbooth?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Pink.
(c) Blue.
(d) Orange.

2. What does Milo discover about the individual who the Officer at the Word Market mentioned?
(a) That her name is Faintly Macabre.
(b) That she's really a witch.
(c) That she's really not-so-wicked.
(d) All answers are correct.

3. What event is being held the evening that Milo arrives i Dictionopolis, to which Milo is invited?
(a) The Royal Banquet.
(b) The Word Banquet.
(c) The Word Market Sale.
(d) The Royal Eating Time.

4. What does the creature that Milo meets after the Spelling Bee use to try to hit the Spelling Bee?
(a) His hat.
(b) His fist.
(c) His cane.
(d) The letter.

5. What is the first half baked idea Milo eats?
(a) The earth is round.
(b) The earth is flat.
(c) The earth is covered with icing.
(d) The sky is blue.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day is it in Dictionopolis in Chapter 3?

2. What three words does Milo choose to buy in the marketplace?

3. What is written on the first sign Milo encounters?

4. Where does Milo find himself after he spends some time daydreaming in Chapter 2?

5. What has to take place before the wagon belonging to the King's cabinet members will move?

Short Essay Questions

1. Milo finds a note in his bedroom the day after his adventure. Why does the note say the tollbooth was taken away?

2. What point does Alec Bings make about a bucket of water?

3. What does Alec Bings say caused the city of Reality to disappear?

4. How does the demon of insecurity describe himself?

5. What four roles is the man in the cottage pretending to play and why?

6. Explain the .58 boy's example related to money that he says explains why averages are so wonderful.

7. What is the chief duty of Rhyme and Reason?

8. What was the job of Faintly Macabre before she was imprisoned?

9. What is it that takes Milo, Tock and Humbug away from their journey for a brief time?

10. Describe the Triple Demons of Compromise.

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