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Norton Juster
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What guarantee is included with the tollbooth?
(a) That money spent will be refunded.
(b) That wasted time will be refunded.
(c) There are no guarantees.
(d) That damage to the carpet will be repaired.

2. What was the land called when demons controlled everything and there was nothing but waste and rocks?
(a) Null.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) Ugly.
(d) Void.

3. What does Milo suggest to the king Azaz that he can do?
(a) Count to a thousand.
(b) Sing.
(c) Juggle.
(d) Tell stories.

4. Where does Milo sleep that night in Chapter 10, after attending the symphony?
(a) In a tree.
(b) In a chair.
(c) On the grass.
(d) On the pages of tomorrow's music.

5. What is significant about the city Milo says is called Reality?
(a) There are no cars.
(b) There really isn't a city at all.
(c) The city is built on the clouds.
(d) There are no people.

6. What does Milo have to have before he can enter the city in Chapter 3?
(a) A flag.
(b) A watch.
(c) A dollar.
(d) A reason.

7. What is the name of the son who settled Digitopolis?
(a) Mathemagician.
(b) Milo.
(c) Azaz the Unabridged.
(d) Faintly Macabre.

8. What is the name given to the watchdog's brother?
(a) Tock Tick.
(b) Tick Tock.
(c) Tock.
(d) Tick.

9. What is the name of the city Milo sees that Alec Bings tells him really isn't there?
(a) Illusions.
(b) Imagination.
(c) Illinois.
(d) Reality.

10. How often do the creatures of the Doldrums go on holiday?
(a) Every week.
(b) Never.
(c) Every day.
(d) Every month.

11. What is written on the sign of the wagon that is different from the typical Word Market stalls?
(a) Don't Touch.
(b) Make a Word.
(c) Do It Yourself.
(d) Pick a Letter.

12. Milo is directed to a second door for directions. What is the word that appears above the door?
(a) Midget.
(b) Mathematics.
(c) Milo.
(d) Magic.

13. What does Humbug say would be the final step in retrieving Rhyme and Reason?
(a) Fig Newtons and soda for everyone.
(b) Fighting fiends.
(c) Hot chocolate and cookies for everyone.
(d) A trip through lava lands.

14. What is the inscription on the envelope of the large package Milo finds in his room?
(a) For Milo who needs a diversion.
(b) For Milo, From Mom and Dad.
(c) For Milo who never has anything to do.
(d) For Milo who has plenty of time.

15. What else, aside from the gift he gives Milo, does King Azaz say Milo needs for the journey?
(a) A book.
(b) A guide.
(c) A box.
(d) A sword.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the floating boy say he thinks of the bucket of water?

2. What does Tock say is the most valuable possession?

3. What does Milo use to wrap up a half baked idea for later?

4. What kinds of words are sold in gift boxes?

5. What is the watchdog's name?

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