The Phantom Tollbooth Short Essay - Answer Key

Norton Juster
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1. What items are included with the toll booth?

Included with the toll booth are three precautionary signs, coins for paying tolls, a map and a book of rules and traffic regulations.

2. What does Milo think when he realizes that he has a surprise present?

When Milo realizes he has a surprise present, he thinks that he hasn't been good, that it isn't his birthday and it's months until Christmas. He also knows he won't like it but doesn't know how to return it unopened.

3. What rules are on the three signs included with Milo's surprise present?

The signs included with Milo's surprise present indicate he is to slow down when approaching the tollbooth, have his fare ready and have the destination in mind.

4. How does Milo select his first destination?

Milo selects his first destination by closing his eyes and pointing to a position on the map.

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