Objects & Places from The Phantom Tollbooth

Norton Juster
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The Phantom Tollbooth - This is a surprise present that takes Milo to the Lands Beyond.

The Doldrums - This is where Milo first gets lost by not thinking. Its inhabitants are called the Lethargarians, and they do nothing all day.

Dictionopolis - This is the city of words, ruled by King Azaz the Unabridged.

Box of Words - This objective is a gift presented to Milo by King Azaz that include the ideas used to defeat the Gelatinous Giant.

The Forest of Sight - This is the location where Milo and his party meet Alec Bings and Chroma the Great.

Telescope - This instrument is given to Milo by Alec Bings; with it, Milo can see what is really there.

The Valley of Sound - This location is a silent place where Milo destroys a fortress.

Bag of Sounds - This gift is given to...

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