Daily Lessons for Teaching The Phantom Tollbooth

Norton Juster
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Objective: Chapter 1, Milo The story is written in a limited view. The objective of this lesson is to make students aware of the various perspectives used in literature.

1. Class Discussion: Ask students for definitions of "omniscient" and "limited" as it pertains to literature. Explain that this story is limited to some degree by the fact that only those things Milo experiences is included. Ask students if there are points in the first chapter that would have been better explained through an omniscient perspective.

2. Writing Activity & Class Discussion: Have students write one paragraph about themselves with a limited point of view. Then have them write a second paragraph explaining the "bigger picture" the reader would get with an omniscient point of view. Talk about details that would be included or omitted in each case and find comparisons to make the difference clear.

3. Writing Activity: Have students write an...

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