The Phantom Tollbooth Fun Activities

Norton Juster
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Sing or Play a Sunrise/Sunset

Challenge students to sing or play an instrument in a melody that exemplifies a sunrise, sunset or some other event in nature.

Make a Diorama

Have students use either shoe boxes, gift boxes, shirt boxes or some other similarly sized box to create a diorama of their favorite scene from the story.

Live in the Valley of Silence

For ten minutes, allow students to recreate the Valley of Silence in the classroom. Remind them that there are no sounds allowed, even laughter. How would they go about getting someone's attention? Would the class come to use some sort of sign language?

Create a Demon

Challenge students to think of their worst fault and to create a demon around that fault. If the fault is among the demons that chased Milo, have the student create a totally different character for that demon. Descriptions...

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