The Phantom Tollbooth Character Descriptions

Norton Juster
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Milo - This character is a young boy with too much time and too little to do who travels to a mystical land through a phantom tollbooth.

Tock - This character is the watchdog who reprimands the main character for wasting or "killing" time.

The Humbug - This character, who is almost always wrong, is sometimes a member of the main character's team.

King Azaz - This character is the monarch of Dictionopolis who is obsessed with words.

The Mathemagician - This character is the brother of the monarch of Dictionopolis and is extremely knowledgeable about numbers but insensitive to anyone else's ideas or opinions.

Rhyme and Reason - These characters are princesses who live in the Castle in the Air.

The Whether Man - This character is the first person the main character meets on the other side of the Phantom Tollbooth and is incapable...

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