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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Shmi and Padmy congratulate Anakin?
(a) give him candy
(b) smother him with kisses
(c) shake his hand
(d) pound him on the back

2. Where does Anakin end up in space?
(a) the hanger of the battleship
(b) on an asteroid
(c) on the Queen's cruiser
(d) on the Naboo moon

3. How is Nute Gunray confused by Padmy?
(a) she acts as if he is the prisoner
(b) she says she is the Queen
(c) she talks in a language he doesn't know
(d) she says the Gungan actually own Naboo

4. Who comes in the hanger as Padmy and her troops are going towards the exit?
(a) Boss Nuss
(b) Nute Gunray
(c) Darth Sidious
(d) Darth Maul

5. Why did Watto say his bet with Qui-gon wasn't fair?
(a) he said Anakin cheated
(b) he said Qui-Gon cheated
(c) he said he was losing more than he gained
(d) Qui-Gon "knew" Anakin would win

6. What does Qui-Gon tell Obi-Wan when he returns to the ship with the parts?
(a) a Sith is on the planet
(b) he has to go back to the city
(c) he is staying on the planet
(d) Anakin and his mother are coming with them

7. Why does Padmy apologize to Anakin?
(a) for refusing to marry him
(b) for supporting the Jedi Council's position
(c) for hiding that she was the Queen
(d) for putting him in danger

8. What does Anakin give Padmy when on the ship?
(a) a picture of him
(b) a japor carving
(c) a model of his podracer
(d) a tiny robot he built

9. Where does Anakin go in the starfighter?
(a) to the palace
(b) to the underwater city
(c) into space
(d) to the swamp

10. What does Senator Palpatine tell the Queen most Senators spend their time doing?
(a) bickering over useless items
(b) going to parties
(c) eating and traveling
(d) drinking and fighting

11. What happens to the Federation ship Anakin was on?
(a) it falls into the planet
(b) nothing happens to it
(c) it runs away
(d) it explodes from within

12. What is the Queen's plan for taking care of the invaders?
(a) calling on Yulua, a neighbor planet
(b) having Qui-Gon kill the Viceroy
(c) fleeing to the Gungan city
(d) getting aid from the Gungan

13. What does Sebulba start to use at Arch Canyon?
(a) an extra fuel pod
(b) all of his arms
(c) more power
(d) dirty strategies

14. What type of terrain is best for Anakin's engines?
(a) flat, level
(b) hilly
(c) curvy
(d) mountainous

15. What does Padmy do when she asks Boss Nass to help her?
(a) offers to marry his oldest son
(b) declare herself the Queen and get on her knees
(c) asks his wife
(d) threaten his city

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Padmy remove from the throne?

2. What happens at the beginning of the race when Anakin guns his engine?

3. What does Obi-Wan insist to Qui-Gon about Anakin?

4. What happens when Padmy and her group are surrounded?

5. What does Anakin fire at what appears to be a shadow?

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