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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Governor Sio Bibble refuse to do on Naboo?
(a) tell them where the Queen went
(b) sign the trade treaty
(c) tell them where the underwater city is located
(d) give up striking against the invaders

2. Where does Anakin go in the starfighter?
(a) to the swamp
(b) to the underwater city
(c) into space
(d) to the palace

3. What does Anakin do when he sees some droids threatening Padmy?
(a) throws a chain around them
(b) runs a starfighter into them
(c) cuts off their power
(d) shoots them with a starfighter

4. Why did Watto say his bet with Qui-gon wasn't fair?
(a) he said he was losing more than he gained
(b) Qui-Gon "knew" Anakin would win
(c) he said Qui-Gon cheated
(d) he said Anakin cheated

5. How is Obi-Wan blocked from fighting?
(a) by a laser field
(b) by a platoon of droids
(c) by a mind field
(d) by a starfighter

6. Where is the decoy Queen at the time the Gungan army faces the droid army?
(a) in Theed
(b) in the underwater city
(c) with the Gungan army
(d) in space on a cruiser

7. What is the Queen's plan for taking care of the invaders?
(a) having Qui-Gon kill the Viceroy
(b) fleeing to the Gungan city
(c) getting aid from the Gungan
(d) calling on Yulua, a neighbor planet

8. Who's in the lead on the second lap of the race?
(a) Sebulba
(b) Braithe
(c) Numbar
(d) Anakin

9. What does Sebulba start to use at Arch Canyon?
(a) more power
(b) an extra fuel pod
(c) all of his arms
(d) dirty strategies

10. Where does Anakin take the credits from the sale of his Podracer?
(a) to his mother
(b) gave them to Qui-Gon
(c) gave them to his best friend
(d) took them with him

11. What will the Gungans do in the Queen's battle plan?
(a) attack the fleet
(b) lure the armies out to fight them
(c) take over the palace
(d) attack the space port

12. Who attacks Qui-Gon and Anakin on their way back to the Queen's ship?
(a) Rodian
(b) Watto
(c) Darth Maul
(d) Sebulba

13. Why has the Jedi Council decided not to train Anakin?
(a) he is too clumsy
(b) he is too young and timid
(c) he is too old and has too much anger
(d) he is not smart enough

14. Where does Anakin end up in space?
(a) on the Naboo moon
(b) on an asteroid
(c) on the Queen's cruiser
(d) the hanger of the battleship

15. What happens when Padmy and her group are surrounded?
(a) Anakin saves them
(b) Obi-Wan shows up
(c) they surrender
(d) they are all killed

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Padmy and her troops go from the hanger?

2. What does the Jedi Council say about Anakin?

3. What major change has occurred in Obi-Wan's life since Naboo?

4. What happens at the beginning of the race when Anakin guns his engine?

5. What happens in the hanger when the droid guards are all killed?

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