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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the beginning of the race when Anakin guns his engine?
(a) the engine pushes the pod out from the starting line
(b) the engine stalls
(c) the engine falls out
(d) the engine explodes

2. Why is Jar Jar dancing at the end of the book?
(a) he is going to be a Jedi
(b) he found a girl friend
(c) he is friends with Padmy
(d) because he's a hero

3. Why is Obi-Wan unhappy with Qui-Gon after the ship takes off?
(a) for not leaving Jar Jar
(b) for taking so long to get the parts
(c) for not killing Darth Maul
(d) for bringing Anakin

4. How does the Queen's ship get away from the Sith Lord?
(a) Anakin threw dirt in his face
(b) Obi-Wan hit him with the ship
(c) Qui-Gon pushed him off the ramp
(d) Qui-Gon killed him

5. What major change has occurred in Obi-Wan's life since Naboo?
(a) he was censored for Qui-Gon's death
(b) he is made a member of the council
(c) he was made a full Jedi Knight
(d) he has quit the Jedi

6. What does Qui-Gon feel about his fight with Darth Maul?
(a) he has met his match
(b) he can easily take him
(c) he is going to need Yoda's help
(d) he is going to have to kill him quickly

7. What does Qui-Gon tell the Jedi Council about the Sith?
(a) they are on Naboo
(b) he has killed one
(c) they are on Coruscant
(d) they have returned

8. What does the Federation say about Naboo's accusations?
(a) they hotly deny them
(b) they agree they invaded the planet
(c) they said Naboo owes them a lot of money
(d) they say Naboo asked for a treaty

9. What does Obi-Wan insist to Qui-Gon about Anakin?
(a) Anakin should not go to Naboo
(b) Anakin is dangerous
(c) Anakin should be trained
(d) Anakin should return to his mother

10. What has the council told Obi-Wan to do?
(a) stay on Coruscant
(b) take Qui-Gon's body home
(c) find an apprentice
(d) train Anakin

11. Why is Qui-Gon frustrated about the Jedi council?
(a) they don't believe Anakin's the chosen one
(b) they won't promote Obi-Wan
(c) they won't send an army of Jedi to Naboo
(d) they sent him to Naboo

12. Where is the decoy Queen at the time the Gungan army faces the droid army?
(a) with the Gungan army
(b) in the underwater city
(c) in Theed
(d) in space on a cruiser

13. Why does Padmy apologize to Anakin?
(a) for refusing to marry him
(b) for hiding that she was the Queen
(c) for supporting the Jedi Council's position
(d) for putting him in danger

14. Why did Watto say his bet with Qui-gon wasn't fair?
(a) he said Anakin cheated
(b) he said Qui-Gon cheated
(c) Qui-Gon "knew" Anakin would win
(d) he said he was losing more than he gained

15. Why did Anakin fight with Rodian?
(a) he made comments about Padmy
(b) he called his mother a name
(c) he called him a cheater
(d) he slapped him

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is going to Naboo to take care of the Jedi?

2. What does Darth Sidious tell Nute Gunray about the Gungan army?

3. Why is Darth Maul on Naboo?

4. What is Qui-Gon's responsibility in the battle?

5. How do Shmi and Padmy congratulate Anakin?

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