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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Obi-Wan blocked from fighting?
(a) by a starfighter
(b) by a platoon of droids
(c) by a laser field
(d) by a mind field

2. With what does Obi-Wan kill Darth Maul?
(a) a chain off the generator
(b) Maul's light saber
(c) Obi-Wan's light saber
(d) Qui-Gon's light saber

3. Where is the decoy Queen at the time the Gungan army faces the droid army?
(a) in Theed
(b) in the underwater city
(c) in space on a cruiser
(d) with the Gungan army

4. Why did Watto say his bet with Qui-gon wasn't fair?
(a) he said Anakin cheated
(b) Qui-Gon "knew" Anakin would win
(c) he said Qui-Gon cheated
(d) he said he was losing more than he gained

5. Why has the Jedi Council decided not to train Anakin?
(a) he is too young and timid
(b) he is too old and has too much anger
(c) he is too clumsy
(d) he is not smart enough

6. What major change has occurred in Obi-Wan's life since Naboo?
(a) he has quit the Jedi
(b) he was censored for Qui-Gon's death
(c) he was made a full Jedi Knight
(d) he is made a member of the council

7. What does Qui-Gon feel about his fight with Darth Maul?
(a) he has met his match
(b) he can easily take him
(c) he is going to have to kill him quickly
(d) he is going to need Yoda's help

8. What is the Queen's plan for taking care of the invaders?
(a) having Qui-Gon kill the Viceroy
(b) getting aid from the Gungan
(c) calling on Yulua, a neighbor planet
(d) fleeing to the Gungan city

9. Where have the Neimoidians been shipped to prison?
(a) Tatooine
(b) Coruscant
(c) Haldon
(d) they stayed on Naboo

10. What does Anakin accidentally do after Padmy escapes?
(a) turn on the autopilot
(b) shoot Nute Gunray
(c) run into Darth Maul
(d) trip up Obi-Wan

11. How do Shmi and Padmy congratulate Anakin?
(a) pound him on the back
(b) give him candy
(c) shake his hand
(d) smother him with kisses

12. What does the Jedi Council wonder about Darth Maul?
(a) if he was master or apprentice
(b) where his master might be
(c) if he is really dead
(d) if one of the Senate is his master

13. Why is Qui-Gon frustrated about the Jedi council?
(a) they don't believe Anakin's the chosen one
(b) they won't send an army of Jedi to Naboo
(c) they won't promote Obi-Wan
(d) they sent him to Naboo

14. What did the Senate decide what to do about Naboo?
(a) kick the Federation out of the Senate
(b) delay dealing with it
(c) boycott the Federation
(d) send Senatorial troops

15. What is Qui-Gon's responsibility in the battle?
(a) lead the Naboo army
(b) fight Darth Sidious
(c) help take the space hanger
(d) get Nute Gunray

Short Answer Questions

1. What was following Qui-Gon as he went about Mos Espa?

2. What does Obi-Wan insist to Qui-Gon about Anakin?

3. What happens in the hanger when the droid guards are all killed?

4. Why is Obi-Wan unhappy with Qui-Gon after the ship takes off?

5. How is Nute Gunray confused by Padmy?

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