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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the ship with whom does Anakin make friends?
(a) the pilot
(b) the Queen
(c) the Queen's security chief
(d) Jar Jar

2. What does the Council order Qui-Gon to do?
(a) turn over his light saber
(b) take Anakin back to his mother
(c) leave Anakin with them
(d) go back to Naboo and protect the Queen

3. What happens when Padmy and her group are surrounded?
(a) Obi-Wan shows up
(b) Anakin saves them
(c) they are all killed
(d) they surrender

4. Who meets the Queen's party at the loading ramp?
(a) her security force
(b) Yoda
(c) a protocol droid
(d) Senator Palpatine

5. How long does it take for sovereignty to be fully returned to Naboo?
(a) two weeks
(b) a month
(c) three days
(d) six days

6. Why does Padmy apologize to Anakin?
(a) for putting him in danger
(b) for refusing to marry him
(c) for hiding that she was the Queen
(d) for supporting the Jedi Council's position

7. With what does Obi-Wan kill Darth Maul?
(a) Qui-Gon's light saber
(b) Obi-Wan's light saber
(c) Maul's light saber
(d) a chain off the generator

8. What does the Jedi Council wonder about Darth Maul?
(a) if he was master or apprentice
(b) if one of the Senate is his master
(c) if he is really dead
(d) where his master might be

9. What does Anakin accidentally do after Padmy escapes?
(a) turn on the autopilot
(b) shoot Nute Gunray
(c) run into Darth Maul
(d) trip up Obi-Wan

10. What does Qui-Gon tell the Jedi Council about the Sith?
(a) they are on Naboo
(b) they are on Coruscant
(c) he has killed one
(d) they have returned

11. What does Padmy remove from the throne?
(a) a radio
(b) a light saber
(c) a blaster
(d) the Queen's crown

12. What did the Senate decide what to do about Naboo?
(a) send Senatorial troops
(b) kick the Federation out of the Senate
(c) delay dealing with it
(d) boycott the Federation

13. What do Anakin and Jar Jar hear when they sneak out of their quarters?
(a) a conference between Yoda and Qui-Gon
(b) an argument between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon
(c) a Sith Lord receiving instructions
(d) a conference between the Queen and Senator Palpatine

14. How does Jar Jar end up on top of an enemy tank?
(a) he flew off the ballon
(b) he crawled up to destroy the tank
(c) he was taken prisoner
(d) his mount his killed

15. What is the Queen's plan for taking care of the invaders?
(a) calling on Yulua, a neighbor planet
(b) having Qui-Gon kill the Viceroy
(c) fleeing to the Gungan city
(d) getting aid from the Gungan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Federation say about Naboo's accusations?

2. What happens at the beginning of the race when Anakin guns his engine?

3. Where do Padmy and her troops go from the hanger?

4. Why is Jar Jar dancing at the end of the book?

5. Who comes in the hanger as Padmy and her troops are going towards the exit?

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