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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't Qui-Gon sleep at Anakin's house?
(a) it is too hot
(b) he wants to know the truth about Anakin
(c) he thinks Anakin's mother is attractive
(d) he has to watch over Padmy

2. What are two secrets Anakin has kept from Watto?
(a) looking for his father
(b) his connection with the Jedi
(c) his protocol droid and his podracer
(d) his connection with the Hutts

3. Where are the Queen and her forces sent?
(a) to the Federation ships
(b) to her suites in the palace
(c) a detention center
(d) to the underwater city

4. What does Nute Gunray tell Darth Sidious about the Jedi?
(a) they were with the invading force
(b) they were with the Gungan
(c) they were still on his ship
(d) they weren't killed for sure

5. What color is the planet Naboo described as in the book?
(a) yellow
(b) blue
(c) emerald
(d) red

6. What did Anakin promise himself at the end of the race?
(a) he would quit racing
(b) he would kill his competitor
(c) he would kill his owner
(d) he would win some day

7. What does Darth Maul release when he gets to Tatooine?
(a) a poisonous gas
(b) two blood hounds
(c) small flying dragons
(d) spherical probe droids

8. What does Anakin's mother make him promise her?
(a) he won't leave work early
(b) he won't be late for dinner
(c) he won't race pods any longer
(d) he won't track mud in the house

9. Of what is Anakin's house made?
(a) plastic
(b) mud and sand
(c) concrete
(d) wood

10. Why does Watto order Anakin to take the speeder out to the Dune Sea?
(a) to buy some parts he needs
(b) to find a water source
(c) to deliver a robot he sold
(d) to learn to live in the desert

11. What does Padmy find out that makes her fear for the race results?
(a) Anakin's never driven a podracer
(b) Anakin is only ten years old
(c) Sebulba is carrying a weapon
(d) Anakin's never finished a race

12. What does the old pilot tell Anakin and his friends about one of his trips?
(a) he was a pirate
(b) he was a smuggler
(c) he flew for the empire's military
(d) he once flew Jedi knights somewhere

13. Why does Obi-Wan not want Qui-Gon to help Jar Jar?
(a) because the Nabooese don't like the Gungans
(b) he thinks Jar Jar is too dumb to change
(c) he hates Jar Jar's voice
(d) he thinks Qui works too hard and it's a risk

14. Why would a protocol droid be useful when trading with the Jawas?
(a) to have the Jawas know how smart he is
(b) to protect Anakin
(c) to know their language
(d) to be able to steal easily

15. How does Padmy feel about Qui-Gon's plan for making money?
(a) she thinks he should race himself
(b) she doesn't like it
(c) she thinks it's great
(d) she thinks it's too dangerous for Anakin

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qui-Gon tell Obi-Wan about living creatures?

2. Why does Anakin's mother scold him when he goes home?

3. What does Anakin do about what he finds in the canyon?

4. What do Jar Jar Binks' ears look like?

5. How does Qui-Gon convince Watto to go along with his plan?

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