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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Anakin promise himself at the end of the race?
(a) he would kill his owner
(b) he would kill his competitor
(c) he would win some day
(d) he would quit racing

2. What do Jedi Knights do?
(a) rescue women in distress
(b) assassinate people
(c) study the Force
(d) sell priceless artifacts

3. What does Padmy find out that makes her fear for the race results?
(a) Anakin is only ten years old
(b) Anakin's never driven a podracer
(c) Anakin's never finished a race
(d) Sebulba is carrying a weapon

4. What is a a Coloclaw fish getting ready to do to their craft?
(a) push them to its lair
(b) flip them to the surface
(c) open it up to eat the humans
(d) swim in front of them to protect them

5. Why do the Jedi take Jar Jar with them?
(a) he is a smart guide
(b) he needs the experience
(c) he has become good friends with them
(d) he will be executed if they leave him

6. Where does Jar Jar lead Obi and Qui?
(a) to a large lake
(b) to the middle of the swamp
(c) into dry woods
(d) to the capital of Naboo

7. What is the craft the Gungan lend the Jedi to get to Theed?
(a) jet skis
(b) a bongo
(c) a submarine
(d) an airplane

8. Why does Anakin invite Qui-Gon and his group to Anakin's house?
(a) to wait out a sandstorm
(b) to meet his mother
(c) to help him escape Watto
(d) to show him C-3PO

9. What happens to the Coloclaw fish?
(a) it waves and swims away
(b) Jar Jar shoots it with a laser
(c) a bigger monster gets it
(d) it slams into the rock and goes unconscious

10. Why does the craft the Jedi are in start to lose power?
(a) a sea monster damaged them
(b) Obi-Wan cut a hole with his saber
(c) Jar Jar hit a wrong button
(d) Qui-Gon ran it into a rock

11. Why would a protocol droid be useful when trading with the Jawas?
(a) to protect Anakin
(b) to know their language
(c) to have the Jawas know how smart he is
(d) to be able to steal easily

12. What happens to Anakin's vehicle when he lost control?
(a) nothing happened
(b) it crashed in the desert
(c) it lost an engine
(d) it slid into the lake

13. Why would the Captain of the Queen's cruiser stay close to a Federation battleship?
(a) so they can't fire on the cruiser
(b) so the Jedi can move to the battleship
(c) to link with the battleship
(d) to get a better shot at the battleship

14. What does Shmi say when Watto tells Anakin he might not race again?
(a) that's good
(b) that he's lying
(c) that he's the master and what he says goes
(d) that's not fair

15. What does Qui-Gon tell Obi-Wan about living creatures?
(a) living creatures make good pets
(b) one should look for the secrets of the purpose of all
(c) sometimes they surprise you
(d) should be used if at all possible

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Jar Jar live in Otoh Gunga?

2. Who surrounds the Queen as she sits on the throne?

3. What makes Anakin unique in the race participants?

4. What type of structures are most of the buildings in Mos Espa?

5. What does an old pilot Anakin meets tell him?

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