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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anakin persuade the Jawas to do?
(a) deliver the droids directly to Watto
(b) buy some of his parts he doesn't need
(c) bring out their best androids
(d) give him some free parts of CP3O

2. Who races past Anakin and is a big rival of his?
(a) Sebulba
(b) Simi
(c) Okin Olan
(d) Tattood

3. What does Jar Jar do when Qui-Gon helps him?
(a) thanks him and runs away
(b) attaches himself as a servant
(c) hides them in a tree
(d) offers them food

4. Why is Watto upset with Anakin?
(a) running away from him
(b) losing the race and wrecking the Podracer
(c) skipping out on work
(d) attacking a customer

5. What is one of the tricks slaves learn to stay ahead of their masters?
(a) to cultivate the goodwill of others for possible escap
(b) to slowly poison their food
(c) to steal from them
(d) being able to do things the master can't do

6. Why does Anakin want to build a star fighter?
(a) to kill Watto
(b) to kill the Hutts
(c) to escape from Tatooine
(d) to fight the empire

7. Who is watching Anakin from the stands?
(a) his best friend
(b) his mother
(c) his father
(d) his brother

8. Why do the Jedi take Jar Jar with them?
(a) he has become good friends with them
(b) he is a smart guide
(c) he will be executed if they leave him
(d) he needs the experience

9. Where does Jar Jar lead Obi and Qui?
(a) to the capital of Naboo
(b) to the middle of the swamp
(c) to a large lake
(d) into dry woods

10. What does Anakin say about Sebulba and the race?
(a) Sebulba isn't human
(b) Sebulba has a better podracer
(c) Sebulba cheated
(d) Sebulba is a better driver

11. Why does the craft the Jedi are in start to lose power?
(a) Jar Jar hit a wrong button
(b) Obi-Wan cut a hole with his saber
(c) a sea monster damaged them
(d) Qui-Gon ran it into a rock

12. Why does Anakin invite Qui-Gon and his group to Anakin's house?
(a) to wait out a sandstorm
(b) to meet his mother
(c) to show him C-3PO
(d) to help him escape Watto

13. What is Anakin Skywalker's home planet so hot?
(a) it has very little water
(b) it has two suns
(c) it has very few trees
(d) it has a thin atmosphere

14. What does Shmi say when Watto tells Anakin he might not race again?
(a) that he's lying
(b) that's not fair
(c) that he's the master and what he says goes
(d) that's good

15. Where does Anakin go when Qui-Gon goes outside with Anakin's owner?
(a) in the shop with Padmy
(b) to his house
(c) to the back of the shop
(d) to the market

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jar Jar in trouble?

2. What do the Federation ships land near on Naboo?

3. Why have Jar Jar and Qui-Gon left for the race track before Anakin?

4. What farther bet does Watto agree to on the day of the race?

5. How does Qui-Gon convince Watto to go along with his plan?

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