Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Short Essay - Answer Key

Terry Brooks
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1. What would happen if Anakin's Podracer had contact with any solid surface?

One contact with anything solid, and the whole assembly would fly apart spraying metal and fiery fuel everywhere, but that won't happen to him. He sensed every part of the machine as if it were part of his body.

2. Why is Anakin an unusual Podracer and how does he make up for it?

Anakin, the only human ever to compete, would make up with daring and skill and his uncanny sixth sense what he lacked in physical advantage, like a head that swiveled 180 degrees, or multiple appendages.

3. Why is Anakin racing?

He was a slave, and his master Watto ordered him to race.

4. Why does Anakin lose his race and what happens when he does?

Sebulba pulls out early, then blasts the pods below him to squash them against the cliff face. Only Anakin's uncanny intuition enables him to veer away and escape being flattened, but it's too severe a maneuver to allow him to regain control, and he crashes his pod into the desert floor, but emerges unhurt.

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