Objects & Places from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Terry Brooks
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Object Descriptions

Tatooine - The two-sunned planet on which Anakin Skywalker lived the first nine years of his life, it is a slave planet controlled by a race called the Hutts.

Mos Espa - This is the largest community on Tatooine, where Anakin makes his home, and where his slave master has a shop dealing in used parts and droids.

Podracer - A flying racing machine consisting of two powerful engines and a pilot's pod from which the racer is controlled.

Republic - This is the democratic governing body of the galaxy ruled by a Senate with delegates from signatory planets.

Trade Federation - This is a business federation governed by its members, and existing within the structure of the Senate.

Naboo - This is the planet on which Queen Amidala's subjects live, which also is home to the Gungans, an amphibious race with advanced technology.

Theed - This...

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