Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Multiple Choice Test Questions

Terry Brooks
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Multiple Choice

1. On what planet does Anakin Skywalker live?
(a) Anosiza
(b) Tatooine
(c) Noobau
(d) Patrico

2. What is Anakin Skywalker's home planet so hot?
(a) it has very little water
(b) it has two suns
(c) it has very few trees
(d) it has a thin atmosphere

3. What kind of vehicle does Anakin Skywalker race?
(a) a jet propelled sled
(b) a flying strut rider
(c) a motorcycle
(d) a Podracer

4. What would happen if Anakin Skywalker touched a solid surface with his vehicle while racing?
(a) nothing, he can't touch a solid surface
(b) he would be ejected
(c) it would come apart
(d) foam would spray out

5. How does Anakin Skywalker feel in his race vehicle?
(a) scared, but controlled
(b) detached and indifferent
(c) like it's part of his own body
(d) cool from the air conditioning

6. Who races past Anakin and is a big rival of his?
(a) Okin Olan
(b) Simi
(c) Tattood
(d) Sebulba

7. What makes Anakin unique in the race participants?
(a) he builds his own machines
(b) he is a slave
(c) he's the youngest driver
(d) he's the only human

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