Daily Lessons for Teaching Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Terry Brooks
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Daily Lessons

Objective: Space exploration. In order for this book to occur in "real" life space exploration and travel would have to be possible. It's an idea that stirs many people's imagination. This lesson will look at space exploration and what students think are the possibilities and what they wish were the possibilities.

1) 1. Group work. Divide into groups. Have each group list at least ten reasons why space travel is impossible. Have them list ten pros and ten cons to space travel. How does their list coincide with this book?

2. Class discussion. Have each group read their first list out loud. Write it on board. Finish all groups. See how many different reasons were found. Discuss which are realistic and which aren't. Have the groups read the second lists. Discuss the pros and cons to space travel.

3. Homework. Have the students write a short essay on what they wish...

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