Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Character Descriptions

Terry Brooks
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Character Descriptions

Anakin Skywalker - He is in many respects is a typical nine year-old boy. He loves to build electronic and mechanical devices.

Qui- Gonn Jinn - He is a sixty year-old Jedi Knight, as gifted as most Jedis are, but he has never risen to a position of influence on the Jedi Council, which he might have done if he had not stubbornly defied the Council in certain matters.

Queen Amidala (Padmi) - Newly elected as Queen of the planet Naboo, the rumor is that, although very young, she is a woman with extraordinary wisdom and skill.

Jar Jar Binks - One of the most-loved or most-reviled (depending upon one's point of view) characters in the whole STAR WARS series, he is a member of the Gungan race, a species that is amphibious and extremely intelligent, and builds underwater cities and technology as advanced as much of...

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