Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Terry Brooks
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Chapter Abstracts

* On the planet of Tatooine nine year-old Anakin Skywalker gives the wedge-shaped rocket engines of his fragile Podracer a little more juice.

* He sensed every part of the machine as if it were part of his body. An orange flash shoots past him, and recognizes Sebulba's Podracer.

* It pays to stay away from Sebulba, he thinks, but he feeds fresh power to the engines and narrows the gap ahead.

* Anakin, the only human ever to compete, would make up with daring and skill and his uncanny sixth sense what he lacked in physical advantage.

* His mother Shmi was in the stands, apprehensive and terrified for his safety, but there, nevertheless. He is a slave and was ordered by his master to race.

* Down through the channel he goes, where sunlight can hardly penetrate. He's closing on Sebulba near Metta Drop, by dropping straight down.

* This time Sebulba...

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