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Short Answer Questions

1. Besides the lost love of a woman, what else does Anodos sing about to the two brothers?

2. What does Anodos lose hope of finding as he travels in the hole?

3. What is unusual about the appearance of the knight in shining armor Anodos meets as he thinks about himself as a knight like Sir Galahad?

4. How does Anodos communicate his feelings for the white lady to the goblin-like creatures?

5. What do the three giants that Anodos and the two brothers have to battle possess as they threaten the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does the woman in the cottage on the island function as Anodos' mother?

2. Why does Anodos throw himself from the cliff into the water after he comes out of the tunnel?

3. What causes Anodos and the two brothers to be unprepared for battle when the three giants approach the tower?

4. What is Anodos learning that he needs to do to acquire what he wants in Fairy Land?

5. After Anodos imagines himself reborn in various forms, why does he believe he needs to stay alive?

6. After Anodos is buried by the knight and the white lady, why does Anodos imagine himself reborn in various forms?

7. Compare Anodos' experiences in Fairy Land with the experiences of Cosmo, a character in one of his stories.

8. How will Anodos' battle with the two brothers he met inside the tower against the three giants help Anodos deal with the circumstances surrounding his father and brothers?

9. How does Anodos' journey into the abyss mirror his frame of mind?

10. What does Anodos sense about the meaning of Cosmo's story while he reads it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Phantastes, the author did not use proper names frequently. Why do you think he wrote in this manner? Did you find it distracting? Why? Choose a combination of five characters, places, and objects from Phantastes and make them proper names. Explain your choices.

Essay Topic 2

The author uses foreshadowing throughout Phantastes. Give three examples of what you think are the most effective uses of foreshadowing in the story, and why you think these examples are the most effective. Include in your answer what these events foreshadow.

Essay Topic 3

Why did George MacDonald choose Phantastes for the title of the novel? Why do you think he chose to begin the title with the letters "Ph" rather than "F"? Give examples from the book that explain the title. Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not? If you could give the book a different title, what would it be? Give reasons for your answer.

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