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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Anodos kills his giant, where does he see the other two giants?
(a) Advancing on him.
(b) Lying on the grass.
(c) They have disappeared.
(d) Running away.

2. What does Anodos do when he discovers a hole on the other side of a door after he ignores the warning on the door?
(a) He begins to sing again.
(b) He returns to the crimson hall.
(c) He plunges into the hole.
(d) He waits until morning next to the hole.

3. Why can't Anodos go back the way he has come through the hole?
(a) A mist blocks his way.
(b) The opening behind him has closed without a trace.
(c) The opening is flooded.
(d) A rock has fallen which blocks his way.

4. Who or what accompanies Anodos inside the tower to which the knight leads him?
(a) The young boy who warned Anodos.
(b) The knight.
(c) The shadow.
(d) Anodos' horse.

5. How is Anodos able to find his way to the mainland from the island?
(a) The woman in the cottage gives him directions.
(b) He follows certain marks.
(c) He follows the knight and the white lady.
(d) Something unseen leads him to the mainland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anodos think about the ceremony he and the knight are observing that makes Anodos want to get close to the front?

2. Once Anodos enters the forest, how does he react to the young boy's warning?

3. What happens when the rock walls of the hole close in around Anodos?

4. Why does Anodos stop singing to make the white lady appear when he sees the musical instrument In the crimson hall?

5. In what other place did Anodos have the same feeling he has in the crimson hall?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Anodos demonstrate maturity as he attempts to discover the secret to releasing the white lady?

2. Explain how the Maiden of the Alder appeared to be the same being as the white lady.

3. What does Anodos learn from entering the doors in the cottage on the island that helps him accept the love between the knight and the white lady?

4. How does Anodos show maturity when he and the two brothers prepare to battle the three giants?

5. What does moving forward in the abyss represent to Anodos, and what does going back represent?

6. What desire of Anodos does the knight who leads him to the tower represent?

7. How does Anodos demonstrate immaturity when he touches the white lady on her pedestal?

8. After Anodos is buried by the knight and the white lady, why does Anodos imagine himself reborn in various forms?

9. As the knight's squire, what does Anodos feel he must do for the knight when they observe the procession of the men in the white robes?

10. How will Anodos' battle with the two brothers he met inside the tower against the three giants help Anodos deal with the circumstances surrounding his father and brothers?

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