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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the two brothers in the battle with the three giants?
(a) The two brothers are killed.
(b) The two brothers hide in the tower.
(c) The two brothers run to the town for help.
(d) The two brothers slay their giants, then help Anodos slay his giant.

2. When Anodos walks a corridor that runs the circumference of the halls in the crimson hall, what does he discover?
(a) There are thirteen hallways.
(b) There are twelve hallways.
(c) He has lost his sense of direction.
(d) The crimson hall is set up like a labyrinth.

3. What do Anodos and the two brothers leave behind when they go to battle the three giants as the giants approach the tower?
(a) Their armor.
(b) Their anvil.
(c) Their horses.
(d) Their weapons.

4. After the girl who used to have the crystal globe leaves the tower and Anodos starts off on a new journey through the forest, what happens to the shadow?
(a) The shadow follows Anodos.
(b) He leaves the shadow behind.
(c) The shadow shatters into tiny pieces.
(d) The shadow leads Anodos back the way he came.

5. What do the goblin-like creatures Anodos meets on his journey in the hole tell him?
(a) The white lady is in love with him.
(b) To go back.
(c) The location of the white lady.
(d) The white lady is not meant for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Anodos able to find his way to the mainland from the island?

2. What type of animal attacks Anodos at the ceremony he and the knight are observing?

3. How does Anodos end up on a shoreline after the rock walls of the hole close in on him?

4. Once Anodos enters the forest, how does he react to the young boy's warning?

5. After Anodos is reborn as a primrose, when the primrose dies, what form does Anodos take?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Anodos learn from entering the doors in the cottage on the island that helps him accept the love between the knight and the white lady?

2. How does Anodos show maturity when he and the two brothers prepare to battle the three giants?

3. Why is the final time Anodos meets the knight with the rusty armor important to Anodos?

4. How does Anodos demonstrate immaturity when he touches the white lady on her pedestal?

5. How will Anodos' battle with the two brothers he met inside the tower against the three giants help Anodos deal with the circumstances surrounding his father and brothers?

6. Although little is known about Anodos' family, what speculation can be made about Anodos' father and brothers after Anodos meets the two brothers inside the tower?

7. After Anodos is buried by the knight and the white lady, why does Anodos imagine himself reborn in various forms?

8. In what way does the woman in the cottage on the island function as Anodos' mother?

9. How does Anodos' journey into the abyss mirror his frame of mind?

10. Why does Anodos throw himself from the cliff into the water after he comes out of the tunnel?

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