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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the shadow manage to leave the small windowless hut with Anodos?
(a) It attaches itself to the woman.
(b) It materializes outside the hut as Anodos travels.
(c) It disguises itself as food given to Anodos by the woman.
(d) It attaches itself to Anodos.

2. What are the humans doing that Anodos sees as he continues his journey?
(a) Having a picnic in a green meadow.
(b) Moving through the trees.
(c) Building a log cabin.
(d) Swimming in a crystal clear lake.

3. What does Anodos remove with his knife from an image he finds as he explores his surroundings?
(a) Moss.
(b) Mud.
(c) Rock.
(d) Sand.

4. What does Anodos' shadow do when it comes out of the room to which Anodos opened the door?
(a) It lies on the floor behind Anodos.
(b) It attacks the woman in the hut.
(c) It warmly embraces Anodos.
(d) It runs out of the hut into the forest.

5. After Anodos meets the young girl, where does she go?
(a) She vanishes into thin air.
(b) She walks with Anodos.
(c) She moves away from Anodos.
(d) She follows Anodos at a distance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the knight leave Anodos?

2. What part of Anodos' bed is affected by the environment in his room?

3. When Anodos feels a chill from the marble lady's touch, what does he believe caused the chill?

4. As Anodos wanders through the Fairy Palace, what happens to his thoughts about the shadow?

5. What does the stone maiden do when Anodos awakens her?

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