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Secretary Desk

The main character inherits this object from his father.

The Cottage in the Woods

This is made from four great oaks and its branches.

The Moss Covered Rock

This is transparent on the outside, but inside appears to be white marble.

The Tale of Sir Percivale and the Maiden of the Alder-Tree

This is read by the main character.

The Fairy Palace

This appears to be made of pure white marble without windows.

The Church of Darkness

This is the ogre's windowless cottage.

The Palace Library

This is housed in a large hall lit by a vaulted ceiling of glass stained with mysterious pictures.

The Crimson Hall

This is made up of twelve connecting rooms.

Cosmo's Apartment

This contains a great press made of black oak, a full skeleton, and various weapons.

The Mirror

A character haggles over the price of this object.

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