Phantastes Character Descriptions

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Anodos - This character is the main character of the story.

Grandmother - This character grants a vision for the main character to see a path into Fairy Land.

Maiden of the Alder - This character is a deceitful character who first appears in the alabaster/marble rock discovered in a cave.

The Knight - This character, who appears dejected and suffering from terrible grief, has fallen into this disreputable state at the hands of some evil.

The White Lady - This character is the actual character released from the marble/alabaster stone.

The Ash Tree - This character awakens at night to travel about looking for victims.

Princess Von Hohenweiss - This character is stricken by a mysterious sickness after angering a servant.

Cosmo von Wehrstahl - This character is a student at the University of Prague.

The Shadow - This character appears from the depths...

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