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Chapter 1

• Anodos wakes up the day after his twenty-first birthday a little disoriented and thinking about the events of the previous day.

• As a birthday gift, Anodos received the keys to a secretary desk owned by his deceased father.

• When Anodos opens the secretary desk, he finds a secret compartment from which a small woman appears.

• The woman tells Anodos that she is his grandmother, and that she is there to grant him a wish.

• The woman tells him he will find the entrance to Fairy Land.

Chapter 2

• As Anodos wakes up, he sees his room turning into a woodland scene.

• Water creates a stream as it flows from his wash basin, daisies grow from his carpet, and branches from a tree become the canopy of his bed.

• Anodos sees a footpath next to the stream and thinks this must be the path to Fairy Land.

Chapter 3

• Anodos...

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