Phaedrus Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Lysisas's speech about?

In his speech, Lysias presents arguments that show superiority of a relationship that is not based on love and is free from emotional attachment.

2. What is Lysias promoting in his speech?

Lysias's speech is meant to encourage a relationship between an older suitor and a younger lover as part of a homosexual relationship.

3. What does Lysais say are the main benefits in the kind of relationship Lysias has with Phaedras?

Lysias claims that the main benefits that come from the kind of relationship he has with Phaedras is that those who are not in love can be more accommodating, because they care less about what others think. Such partners contribute to the relationship with more reserve. They have more respect and less passion and jealousy.

4. What does Lysias say is the main disadvantage of a relationship between lovers?

Lysias states that relationship built on love can suffer through unpredictable desires. They deserve pity rather than envy because they are exposed to passion and hate. Lovers ignore their friends and focus all their time an attention on a relationship until it is too tiresome, and the relationship ends in hurt feelings and pride.

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