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Megara - This was a place that was located at a distance convenient for exercise. Herodicus advised to walk there to maintain health.

Ilissus - This was a river in ancient Greece that was part of Athens's defenses.

Mars Hill - This is a place from which Boreas might have snatched Pharmacia.

Attica - Socrates would go around the whole of this place, between the Cyclades Islands and the Aegean Sea, to listen to the discourse.

Mhyrrinus - This is where Phaedrus was born.

Himera - This was a city in the north where Stesichorus was born.

Dodona - Women of this place have accomplished many things in their madness while others accomplished nothing in their sane state.

Hellas - There have been many creations made by mad women in this place.

Temple of Olympian Zeus - The house of Morychus was close to this.

Egyptian Thebes...

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