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This was a place that was located at a distance convenient for exercise. Herodicus advised to walk there to maintain health.


This was a river in ancient Greece that was part of Athens's defenses.

Mars Hill

This is a place from which Boreas might have snatched Pharmacia.


Socrates would go around the whole of this place, between the Cyclades Islands and the Aegean Sea, to listen to the discourse.


This is where Phaedrus was born.


This was a city in the north where Stesichorus was born.


Women of this place have accomplished many things in their madness while others accomplished nothing in their sane state.


There have been many creations made by mad women in this place.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The house of Morychus was close to this.

Egyptian Thebes

This was a city where Thamus ruled.

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