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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 (227-234))


Chapter 1 (227-234)

As a means of explaining the world around them, the medieval scholars created some mythological creatures with great powers. This mythology was of great importance and influence on Plato, which explains its inclusion in this book. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss some of these mythological creatures and legends and explore why they would have been so important to these people.


1) Theme Introduction Activity and Discussion: Write on the board in large letters the word "mythology." Have the students each write what they think this term entails. Have each student read their definition. Work with the class to create a definition of this word that they can all agree on. Discuss how all the different ideas can be used for the same term. What is the meaning of this word? How does this relate to the assigned reading?

2) Class Discussion...

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