Phaedrus Character Descriptions

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Socrates - This person meets the main character while on a walk outside Athens and entices him to engage in discussion about a speech.

Phaedrus - After listening to a speech by his lover, this character wants to refresh himself by walking and thinking.

Anaxagoras - This person taught a famous person who derived from him the knowledge of rhetoric.

Stesichorus - This person was a poet who wrote about Helen and the Trojan War and was blinded.

Tisias - This person's arguments were used to define the difference between probability and belief as exerted by crowds.

Herodicus - This person suggested that one should walk as far as a famous mythological character to maintain health.

Anacreon - This person was a famous Greek lyric poet.

Acumenus - This person advises that walking is healthier than running, and the main character follows his advices and engages in...

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