Phaedrus Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1 (227-234)

• Phaedras meets Socrates as they are walking, an exercise prescribed by Acumenus--a doctor.

• They begin walking by the river and talking about a recent speech of Lysias about relationships. Socrates asks Phaedras to read the speech.

• The speech says that relationships built on love are harmful as they are full of jealousy, spite, and selfishness.

• Lysias claims that relationships between non lovers are more prudent as they allow each side to pursue happiness independant of emotions and jealousy.

• Socrates is skeptical of these ideas and states that passion is important. Phaedras seems enthralled by this idea. Phaedras is Lysias's homosexual partner.

Chapter 2 (235-241)

• Socrates compliments Phaedras on his passionate reading of the speech, but says it was not arranged properly.

• Phaedras talks Socrates into showing him the correct way to arrange a speech by threatening to never give another speech of his own again.

• Socrates says...

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