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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the boys know to be the source of the ticking that stops the executions?
(a) Smee's watch
(b) Wendy tapping her foot
(c) Peter Pan imitating the clock
(d) The Indian's drum

2. What is Peter Pan's reaction when Wendy asks him to take them home?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He asks her to take the boys with her.
(c) He tells her to wait before she decides.
(d) He is happy and wants to go along.

3. What makes John and Michael refuse to become pirates?
(a) They must denounce the king.
(b) They must fight the Indians.
(c) They must make Wendy walk the plank.
(d) They must fight Peter Pan.

4. When Peter Pan and Wendy are stranded by the rising tide, how does Wendy escape?
(a) She catches hold of a kite's tail.
(b) Peter Pan carries her.
(c) She flies.
(d) She swims.

5. What plot does Captain Hook come up with to capture Peter Pan after having captured Wendy and the boys?
(a) To wait for him to come to Wendy's rescue
(b) To leave him alone now that he has Wendy
(c) To poison him
(d) To send the crocodile after him

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Wendy's reaction to Smee's comment about mothers?

2. How does Captain Hook lure Wendy and the boys from their hiding place?

3. What does Peter Pan do when Wendy and the others have left?

4. What does Captain Hook reveal about his plans for the children he is holding captive?

5. What do the little boys say they want to do after Peter Pan returns to their home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What noise does Peter Pan make upon killing the first pirate who enters Captain Hook's quarters? What does Captain Hook then call him?

2. Following the pirate attack, the Lost Boys talk of how frightened they are without Peter. What does this say about the relationship between Peter and the boys? Is this a fulfilling relationship on all sides?

3. Describe the lengths to which Wendy takes her role as mother to the lost boys.

4. What does Tinkerbell do in order to save Peter Pan? What does this say about her devotion to Peter Pan?

5. What happens to memories of parents once a child reaches Neverland? What sparks memories in Wendy, John and Michael?

6. What does Peter Pan say about his mother? How does Peter Pan explain what he saw when he returned to the home he remembered?

7. Compare the role Wendy accepts to the role Peter Pan seems to want for himself. What is it about the situation that leaves both feeling that the other is not living up to expectations? What are their reactions?

8. How is Tinkerbell saved?

9. What does Peter Pan say would be an incredible adventure? What is important about that statement?

10. Does Peter Pan seem to realize the level of Tinkerbell's devotion after she drinks the poison? Why or why not?

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