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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Smee suggest the pirates do in order to have a mother of their own?
(a) Move in with the Lost Boys
(b) Send the Lost Boys away
(c) Find someone like Wendy to live with them
(d) Kidnap Wendy

2. What last instruction does Wendy offer the boys as they face the pirates?
(a) To fight
(b) To die like English gentlemen
(c) To swim for shore
(d) To call out for Peter Pan

3. What does Peter Pan do to prepare for the upcoming battle with the pirates?
(a) Gathers bows and arrows
(b) Asks Tinkerbell to describe the ship
(c) Calls for the Indians to help him
(d) Sharpens his dagger

4. Where are Wendy and the boys taken after the pirates capture them?
(a) To a fishing hut
(b) To the Indian village
(c) To Marooner's Rock
(d) To Captain Hook's ship

5. What option does Hook offer two of the boys?
(a) To save themselves by turning over Peter Pan
(b) To be the first to walk the plank
(c) To save themselves by becoming cabin boys
(d) To save themselves by becoming Indians

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the pirate sent to fetch this instrument for Captain Hook's punishment of the boy who said, "God save the King?"

2. What are the reactions of John and Michael to Wendy's story?

3. What task does Wendy assign the boys following their meal?

4. What happens to Wendy and the boys as they leave the underground home?

5. What disguise does Peter Pan don as he prepares to fight Captain Hook?

Short Essay Questions

1. Following the pirate attack, the Lost Boys talk of how frightened they are without Peter. What does this say about the relationship between Peter and the boys? Is this a fulfilling relationship on all sides?

2. What action does Peter Pan take upon learning that Wendy and the boys have been kidnapped?

3. Why did Captain Hook put poison in the glass of water in Peter Pan's house? What does this say about Captain Hook's character?

4. What is John's reaction to Peter's arrival with the imaginary tigers he captured? What conflict could be brewing between John and Peter and why?

5. Compare the role Wendy accepts to the role Peter Pan seems to want for himself. What is it about the situation that leaves both feeling that the other is not living up to expectations? What are their reactions?

6. What magical creature does Peter Pan attempt to catch for Wendy? What does he say about capturing this creature? Why do you believe he offers that information?

7. What does Peter say when Hook asks who he is? What does he mean by this?

8. How is Tinkerbell saved?

9. How does Captain Hook react when he realizes that he cannot beat Peter Pan at a sword fight?

10. What noise does Peter Pan make upon killing the first pirate who enters Captain Hook's quarters? What does Captain Hook then call him?

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