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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What "rule" does Wendy enforce regarding Peter Pan's chair?
(a) That Peter's chair is broken
(b) That no one sits in the father's chair when he is not at home
(c) That they must take turns sitting in Peter's chair
(d) That only she can sit in Peter Pan's chair when he is not at home

2. What action does Captain Hook eventually take with regard to sending pirates into his cabin?
(a) He throws in a bomb.
(b) He bolts the door.
(c) He sends in the Lost Boys.
(d) He goes inside himself.

3. Smee and a second pirate have someone with them as they approach the shore where Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys had seen the mermaid. Who do they have?
(a) Tiger Lily
(b) Mrs. Darling
(c) Captain Hook
(d) Peter Pan

4. What last instruction does Wendy offer the boys as they face the pirates?
(a) To call out for Peter Pan
(b) To die like English gentlemen
(c) To fight
(d) To swim for shore

5. What final action does Captain Hook take upon knowing that he has been beaten?
(a) He jumps into the water where the crocodile is waiting.
(b) He blows up the ship.
(c) He falls on his own sword.
(d) He cries for mercy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Smee say about a "mother"?

2. What is the favored food in Neverland?

3. Why is there someone willing to watch over the boys' home following the run in between Peter Pan and Captain Hook?

4. What option does Hook offer two of the boys?

5. What sound does Captain Hook hear that brings the executions to an abrupt halt?

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