Peter and the Starcatchers Character Descriptions

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This character is a born leader and leads the group of orphan boys that accompany him.

Molly Aster

This character is a young Starcatcher born to a prominent Starcatcher family.


This character is an orphan in a group following a boy.


This character is the second oldest orphan in the group, and the second in command.

Tubby Ted

This character is a chubby orphan in the group whose main concern is always food.


This character is the youngest of the orphans in the group.

Edward Grumpkin

This character is the second in command and grammar teacher at St. Norbert's.

William Slank

This character is the first mate of The Never Land.


This character is a sailor who befriends a group of orphans.

Mrs. Bumbrake

This character is a governess.

King Zarboff the Third

This character is the evil ruler of Rundoon, as well...

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