Peter and the Starcatchers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 through 6

• Peter and some other orphans are taken to a ship. They are to be on it for 5 weeks. As soon as Peter gets on the ship he looks for a way off.

• Molly warns him against running off the gangplank, and Peter watches as another sailor trying this is whipped and put in the brig.

• Alf and Mack, 2 sailors working for Slick, are taking a chest aboard the ship. Every time Alf touches it he feels warm and happy and hears music.
• Black Stache, a pirate, gets word that the Wasp, a ship, has the greatest treasure in the world on it. He waits in the Angel's Graveyard to get it.

• The Wasp was made to be fast, and outruns the Sea Devil. Black Stache has all the water and 2 of the fattest sailors thrown overboard to make it faster.
• Hungry Bob brings the boys a...

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