Objects & Places from Peter and the Shadow Thieves

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Mollusk Island

This is where Peter and the Lost Boys live.

London, England

This is the home of the Aster Family.

Le Fantome

This is the ship captained by Nerezza.

St. Katherines Dock

This is the filthy place where Louise Aster is held captive.

The Tower of London

This used to be a prison and is where the Starcatchers guard their treasure.

The White Tower

This is where a magical substance is kept in a secret keep.


This is a village near a famous monument.


This is an ancient stone monument that seems to have astronomical connections.

Aster mansion

This is the large, multi-story house where Molly and her family live.


This is a magical substance that falls to earth from the sky.

The Return

This takes place during total eclipses of the moon.

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