Peter and the Shadow Thieves Fun Activities

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Provide the class with a box of random props and have them act out scenes from the book.

Audio Book

Get a recording of this book in audio format and play some sections for the class. Discuss how hearing this story out loud affects their experience.

Art in Multiple Mediums

Have the students create a piece of art in any medium that portrays one of the basic themes of the book.

Historical Landmarks

There are many historical landmarks used in this book. Have the students choose some of these to get some more information about.

Return Pamphlets

Have the students create informational pamphlets to help new Starcatchers understand what the Return is, and how it should be handled.

Astronomy Lesson

Astronomy plays a fairly important role in this book. Give a short astronomy lesson, or give the students some sources that they can use to study astronomy...

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