Peter and the Shadow Thieves Character Descriptions

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This character has been exposed to a substance called starstuff that has made him immortal so that his body will always be that of a boy.

Molly Aster

This character is an intelligent and observant person, and her ability to recall small details becomes a helpful asset in solving the central mystery of the story.

Lord Ombra

This character is a leader of a secret dark organization called the Others.


This character is small, about the size of a small bird, and gives off a soft glowing light.

Black Stache or Captain Hook

This character leads a band of pirates who have encamped in a fort on Mollusk Island.


This character is captured while following his leader one day.

Captain Nerezza

This character is a vicious sea captain with a false wooden nose in place of his missing nose.


This character is a vindictive...

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