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Chapters 1-5

• Peter, a scrawny boy who can fly, is picking a ripe mango to throw at Captain Hook, AKA Black Stache, to make him mad.

• The Lost Boys can't fly. James follows Peter up the mountain hoping to be a part of the adventure. Tinkerbell, Peter's birdgirl, tells him to be careful, but Peter ignores this warning.
• There is a speck on the horizon that Peter does not see. It is a ship carrying Nerezza, a cruel captain, and his first mate - Slank - a man who wants to kill Peter for revenge.

• Nerezza finds a man asleep on duty and gives him 3 choices of punishment. He can have his throat slit, jump into the sea, or spend a night with the strange passenger, the Voice.

• The sailor chooses to jump into the ocean, even though it is very unlikely he will be able to make...

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