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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What weapon does Abdulla use to kill the antelope?
(a) A gun
(b) A catapult
(c) A bow and arrow
(d) A spear

2. By what have the green fields been replaced?
(a) Dust and sand
(b) A shopping center
(c) Mud
(d) Houses

3. What does the delegation do when the MP steps into the garden?
(a) Bow
(b) Praise the lord
(c) Dance
(d) Sings native songs

4. Who does Muira's father say he has joined?
(a) The KCO
(b) The KSC
(c) The Kenyan Police
(d) The Kenyan Independent Party

5. What does Munira decide it is impossible to teach when the students' lives are so harsh?
(a) History
(b) Grammar
(c) Fact
(d) Theory

6. How does the delegation react to Nderi suggestion?
(a) They throw rocks at him.
(b) They spit at him.
(c) They put a curse on him.
(d) They chant his name.

7. What does Abdulla offer Wanja?
(a) A bicycle
(b) A 50/50 partnership
(c) A 60/40 partnership
(d) $200

8. What is Munira's old title before Mzigo made him headmaster?
(a) Head of Kenyan studies
(b) Head of IT
(c) Acting headmaster
(d) Deputy headmaster

9. Who is the fourth person to be arrested?
(a) Munira
(b) Karega
(c) Wanja
(d) Abdulla

10. Why is Abdulla grateful to Karega for his plan?
(a) He can relax.
(b) He can keep his donkey.
(c) He can have a holiday.
(d) He can sell more in his shop.

11. Why does Abdulla's donkey become respected in this chapter?
(a) It never complains.
(b) It encourages rain to fall.
(c) It pulls the cart and carries people.
(d) It refuses food.

12. For what does Munira criticize his father?
(a) His hypocrisy
(b) His attitude towards his children
(c) His lack of education
(d) His exploitation of his workers

13. For what does the second officer apologize?
(a) The rudeness of his colleague
(b) His lateness
(c) The poor food
(d) The conditions of the cell

14. To whose house did Wanja try to take a bus?
(a) Munira's
(b) Karega's
(c) Her parents
(d) Her grandparents

15. Which of the following characters does not go into the MP's office?
(a) Joseph
(b) Karega
(c) Njuguna
(d) Wanja

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Abdulla offer Wanja the answer to #53?

2. Where does Fat Stomach invite the villagers to drink tea?

3. Who was the first person to settle in Ilmorog?

4. What is the name of the Kenyan rebel group?

5. What is Munira's first name?

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