Petals of Blood Character Descriptions

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Abdullah - He is a former freedom fighter in the struggle for Kenyan independence. He now runs a shop, where he sells provisions and drinks.

Chui - He is an educator and one of the three African directors of the Theng'eta Breweries. He led students in a strike against the policies of the new headmaster, advocating for better social conditions.

Cambridge Fraudsham - The English headmaster at Siriana High School who is ousted after a student strike, and whose twisted values reveal him to be the "fraud" and "sham" that his name indicates.

Inspector Godfrey - He sees it as his duty to protect the status quo of post-independence Kenya, although he himself is not a wealthy man. He approaches solving the murders with detachment, viewing it as a "criminal jigsaw puzzle" and does not concern himself with the moral questions of how and why.


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