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Letters to Corrine

These items contain hints of blackmail.


This is full of clippings that chronicle a character's life over a period of fifteen years.

Green Party Dress

This item is a replica of an item that was in Foxworth Hall at Christmas.

Music Box

This item is given as a gift to replace one given by a character's father before his death.

Rat Poison and Powdered Donuts

This is what a character uses to kill herself. This item was also used in the attic.

The Lake

This is where the wife of the siblings' new guardian killed their son.

Dr. Paul's Garden

This is a place near the sibilings' guardian's home where a character often finds pleasure and attempts to recreate the place later.

Secluded North Wing Bedroom and Attic

This is the place where the siblings were held hostage when they were young.



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